Portable Video & Sound System Rentals


The Right Equipment

No matter what your event or function, it’s important to have the proper AV equipment to make it successful and memorable. Choosing THE professional audiovisual company to rent from is as important as the equipment itself. At C.V. Lloyde Audiovisual, we’re proud of the rental program professional services we offer our customers.

Our rental program works by the day, week or month. We’ll provide you with the correct equipment for your particular application, at a rate that you and your organization can afford. With our expertise in all areas of video presentation and sound reinforcement, you are ensured that your event will look and sound as professional as it can possibly be.
We’ve got everything you need for your next conference, gig, fundraiser or event.

In House Professional Audio Technicians

At C.V. Lloyde Audiovisual, we can even provide an audiovisual technician to operate the equipment as well as aid in production planning for your event to ensure that the right equipment is selected to meet your audiovisual presentation needs. Contact our production department for more information.


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