Client Testimonials

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“We were impressed by the professionalism and expertise of C.V. Lloyde when seeking companies for our sound renovation project. They successfully led us from poor acoustics and intelligibility to a redesigned sound environment with a satisfying aural experience. C.V. Lloyde’s renovation not only solved our sound problems, but they also paid attention to aesthetic detail in their design (the acoustical panels actually add to the beauty of the worship space). Their bid was lower than local competitors and their staff was far and above more pleasing to work with.”
Eleanor Kiel - Director of Liturgy and Music
We challenged C.V. Lloyde Audiovisual to deliver perfect coverage in our sanctuary…without changing the aesthetics. They more than delivered!
Terry Fits - Media Director Second Presbyterian Church Bloomington, IL
When you are serving Over 20,000 runners, 3,000 volunteers, and 50,000 spectators…the sound has to be perfect. We can’t do this without C.V. Lloyde Audiovisual!
Jan Seeley - Illinois Marathon Executive Director
When training and deploying local and state law enforcement officers.. reliable state-of-art audiovisual for daily use is not a luxury….but a necessity! C.V. Lloyde Audiovisual fixed legacy problems with new designs that are simple to operate and look amazing!
Jim Page - Executive Director
I'm really happy with the way the final product turned out. It's an amazing system, it's very intuitive, it's just what we needed, and it has got plenty of room for us to grow. I can't say enough about C. V. Lloyde Audiovisual and the staff. It's just an amazing company to work with and I never worried about it. I really love our system, I love our end product, and look forward to working with them on other projects!
Ken Kreitzer - Coordinator of Video Services for Live Events
"CVLAV was an unbelievable partner on the project. Obviously we had a tight timeline with our construction timeline, but the thing I was so impressed with was they knew exactly what we were trying to create...And we wanted the arena to be real loud. We wanted clear sound. That is exactly what CVLAV was able to deliver on the project"
Gabe Mirabelli - Director of Enterprise Operations
“At the end of the day, even with a tight turn around, partnering with the right person was important and partnering with C.V. Loyde Audiovisual and Star-lo was the right decision. We were able to take that tight turn around and really knock it out of the park.”
Joe Kuchie - Sr. Director, Scoreboard and Live Production
“We love the system. The response from our fans, from our student athletes, our coaches has been overwhelmingly positive. Huge increase to the stadium atmosphere for all of our fans. It's been a really good addition just to the overall fan experience.”
Eric Sabin - Sr. Associate Athletic Director, Facilities MGMT. and Capital Projects
“The new scoreboard sound system is great. We got a lot of great feedback from our fans and our staff on it, and are very pleased with it!”
Matt Messina - Associate Athletic Director for Broadcast, Video, and Technology
“We've heard nothing but good things from those who are in the upper bowl, lower bowl, and even on the court. We've had problems in the past but not this season...There's a science to this and I think C. V. Lloyde Audiovisual knows what they're doing.”
Al Capitos - Associate Athletics Director Facilities and Event Management
“The feedback so far has been very positive. A lot of our board members have been to several events and they've made positive comments on how nice the system sounds...they've even noticed just the presentation of the system, you can see the arrays, it looks impressive..I think just the presentation has made a big impact also.”
Will Kenney - Director of Operations at the Peoria Civic Center