Digital Signage

Deployment Solutions & Content Creation

With today’s technology continually becoming more affordable, more and more businesses are turning to digital signage solutions to expand in this department. Digital signage is a way for businesses to use today’s technology to get their message across in a compelling and visually engaging way. Impress your customers and clients with stunning displays featuring dynamic and interactive content.

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C.V. Lloyde Audiovisual offers digital signage application that serves, but is not limited to, the following markets:



  • Event Listings
  • Guest Information
  • Lobby Signage

Sports Facilities

  • Advertising
  • Menu Boards
  • Wayfinding

Restaurant & Retail

  • Menu Boards
  • Advertising
  • Special Promotion
  • Product Displays
  • Wayfinding

House of Worship

  • Event Listing
  • Instructions
  • Song Lyrics
  • Community Boards
  • Sermon Broadcasting

Public Transportation

  • Wayfinding
  • Route Information

Corporate Boardroom

  • Employee Communication
  • Presentation Display


  • Wayfinding
  • Bulletin Boards
  • Menu System