Meet The Team

Human Resources Manager

Jaime is a 30-year veteran of the legal industry with experience in corporate compliance, operations, and marketing. She holds a bachelor’s degree in corporate and professional development from Eastern Illinois University; certificates in advanced legal studies, peer mediation, and corporate leadership; and is currently attending the University of Illinois to earn her master’s degree in management. Jaime was recently elected to chair a national advisory panel to oversee the professional development needs of over 9,000 legal professionals. She is a member of the Executive Club of Champaign County and former member of the Association of Legal Administrators, Society for Human Resource Management, Legal Marketing Association, and Professional Development Consortium of Chicago.

Jaime’s experience administering mentoring programs, creating onboarding and employee performance review processes, maintaining corporate policies and procedures, and running multiple teams under the supervision of a multii-attorney Board of Directors, makes Jaime a valuable member of C.V. Lloyde’s growing leadership team.