AV Credentials

The Extron Authorized Programmer certification program is designed for individuals who will use Global Scripter®, Extron’s powerful and versatile control system programming software. Global Scripter, a feature-rich integrated development environment, gives you unbridled freedom to program control systems using the easy-to-learn Python scripting language that the Pro Series product family has been running under the hood since introduction. Students can expect a challenging series of education components focused on best practices for designing control system programs, methodologies for implementing and developing reusable program modules, and troubleshooting.

The Extron Authorized Programmer - EAP certification enables access to all features of Global Scripter, Extron’s Integrated Development Environment, and the ControlScript® Python library for programming Extron Pro Series control systems. Students who successfully complete the EAP program will be prepared to deploy and manage programmed Extron Pro Series control systems that provide the power and flexibility required to handle the evolving complexities of today’s more sophisticated AV system designs.

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